solution design appraoch

coaching appraoch

Different purpose of coaching will require different approach and even with same coaching purpose, still it requires different personal flavor, tools and techniques. What suits one person just won't suit someone else, therefore the fit between coachee and coach is extremely crucial. Despite the variations, the followings are comprehensive process and guiding principle of our coaching approach.

work with the coachee to realize the goal that matters most to her/himself e.g. personal growth, critical concern/issue, role challenges, career transition, leading change etc. The session is individually determined and controlled by the coachee.

is personalized and non judgemental

our coaching principle

not suggest the answer

there's never one right solution- we will therefore facilitate the thinking of the coachee so that s/he use their own knowledge to identify multiple options/choices and weight up the consequence for her/himself

addresses the whole person

though the purpose of coaching is mainly work related, however, when the coachee has issue going on elsewhere in their life, this will impact their attitude or ability to perform at work. It is therefore important that coach is aware of such issues affecting the coachee

commit to on-going support

we will provide the necessary support throughout the complete process to help the coachee develop their approach to goal attainment, instead of directing or guiding her/him even though there is the time that progress seem to be slower than we would expect


meet client who will be coached to understand willingness, purpose as well as strength and limitation in relation to the goal while the client has an opportunity to assess the "good match".

If agreed, mutual agreement on desired outcome, measurement, role & responsibility of all invloved shall be outlined


determine magnitude of the gap between current and desired state, gather data from multiple perspectives, use assessment instrument e.g. 360 assessment and/or interviews of stakeholders, aggregate and analyze data, provide feedback report to raise awareness of development needs and agree on the objective and milestone.

A subsequent assessment could be conducted to track progress of expected change/improvement


conduct coaching conversation according to the scheduled plan (e.g 1-3 times per month over 3-12 months) mainly through in-person visits and supplementary communication tools that the coachee feel comfortable with. Use question, observation and feedback to increase self-awareness, mirror self-reflection, explore responses and solution to the focused issue


measure developmental accomplishment against agreed objectives both behavioral goals and also defined impact e.g. engagement, revenue, productivity, promotion etc. , provide final briefing to the coachee and sponsors (if applied). It is important to enlist support in the organization to maintain positive momentum and continued success

follow up

maintain contact with the coachee with timely scheduled meeting for review and reinforcement. Where agreed between the coachee and coach, this may move to a new cycle of coaching to address different goal or build further on the original goal