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Our consulting approach is based on an intensive partnership and cooperation with the valued client like you.

We aim to tailor highly effective, implementable and enduring solutions that fit specific challenge and needs that your organization is facing. It is fully scalable in terms of the concrete need for change and the size of company.

developed from Management Consulting : a Guide to the Profession" (International ILO, 2002) 


is a very important phase that will aid you to decide whether we are the right partner that you can trust.

This includes first contact, discussion on what your organization would like to achieve, preliminary diagnosis of the issue, how we can help and alignment of our understanding.

  • preliminary issue diagnosis

  • assignment planning

  • assignment proposal.


starts in-depth diagnosis of the issue, identify sort of change required and define details the purpose to be achieved.

This require rigorous fact finding and fact diagnosis which involves all key stakeholders. Some solution may start emerging during this phase

  • purpose analysis

  • problem analysis

  • fact finding

  • fact analysis and synthesis


use wide range of techniques, models and practices to explore feasible alternative and evaluate viable ones, elaborate and present the tailor-made intervention and implementation plan to you.

Active participation from your side is highly critical in this phase

  • developing solutions

  • evaluating alternatives

  • planning for implementation


Option 1

Option 2

associate with your team to execute the solution.

This is to ensure that plan will be effectively translated to bring about business impact even through there are unforeseen change or new business challenges may arise which hasn't been convered by the original design and action plan

executed by your team.

Key success factors is availability and capability of your team to execute the plan and clear understanding of the holistic concept and details of the implementation plan. 

we will be at your disposal for any further support and assistance


present and discuss final outcome as well as success story and lesson learned, conduct knowledge transfer to your team and reach mutual commitment on post-assignment and follow-up support

  • evaluation

  • final report

  • plans for follow-up

without implementation, the best designed solutions remains theory 

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