"people have the power"

core principles 

of our appraoch




While many factors contribute to  company's success. organizational performance is, however, increasingly a reflection of effectiveness of its human capital management as differentiator of the business

The competent and engaged employee enables positive experiences to customer as well as company's stakeholders resulting in enhancement of revenue, brand equity, market position, reputation, growth etc.

Forces of change have direct impact to organization strategy, mindset of employee and expectation of stakeholders


Organization system

The STAR model (Jay R. Galbraith) is the foundation on which a company base it design choice.  

It consists of a series of design policies i.e. Strategy, Structure, Process, Rewards and People  that are controllable by management and can influence employee behaviors.

Organization must place attention and effort to all elements equally. Often, it overemphasizes on Structure as it affect status and power. In fact, operating business in rapid changing environment, Structure will be less critical, while Process, Reward and People will increasing their importance

nevertheless there is no one-size fit all organization design as different strategy lead to different organization system


Performance drivers

Cognitive and attribute are generally inborn, while attitude is taking significant amount of time and effort to be formed and changed. 

An individual learns to be knowledgeable, gives a try to gain experiences and routinely practices to be skillful.  However, a competent individual does not always deliver satisfactory performance unless positive environment that enable individual performance will be established.

by holding on competent and engaged employee, organizations are able to deliver quality experience for customers and stakeholders