learning design appraoch

Our learning design is based on "The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning"(Roy V.H Pollock et.al. , ATD press, 2015) which has been developed further from widely known -  ADDIE model (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate)


always start with defining business outcome by describing what the participants will do differently

there are two things we need to clearly define and mutually agree which are;

why this program is needed and  how important it is to the business

What's the best course of actions to get there?

How're we going to achieve this?

Why this & why now?

and secondly, what's the finish line that we'd like to achieve



design end-to-end process that will create complete experience to participants particularly focus on effective learning transfer and concrete finish line that we want to achieve

make the learning relevant and memorable, provide enough time for experience sharing and practice

Goal = what business needs will be met?

Behavior = what people do differently?

Measure = what or who could confirm the change?

Result = what the success looks like?


drive application of learned skills to business task, engage participants' manager into the process by putting in place systems of accountability

if needed, go back to






provide job aids and performance support, make it integral part of the plan and ensure accoutability of feedback and coaching

measure what matters to sponsors, use insight to drive continuous improvement and market the result to stakeholders

break even