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Amidst the rapid change and emergence of new demand, organization will expect HR to evolve in order to deliver essential contribution that maintain as well as further enhance organization's competitive edge.

This presentation is exploring what and how HR need to transform to partner with business in navigating disruptive environment

14 July 2017

HR Forum 2017

Personnel Management Association of Thailand

Thailand 4.0 is the new flagship policy that will drive the country's economy forward through creativity  and innovation.  

it has significant implications for all aspects of the nation, sectors, industries, companies and workforce

this presentation is exploring Thailand's potential and readiness to realize the long-term aspiration particularly in view of its human resources.

24 November 2016

HR Day 2016

Personnel Management Association of Thailand

HR is a powerful transformation enabler because transformation typically touch amost all aspects of HR. 

For that reason, companies need to understand how and where the transformation will affect each HR discipline and the current capability and capacity of the HR function early in the change process.

People Magazine 2/2016

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