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View holds BA in economics with second-class honors from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. In addition to his strong mathematical and numeracy skills, he is keen on large-volume data analysis, reporting, and data visualization, including PowerBI, Tableau, Google Analytics, and Adobe Marketing Suite. 

As a consultant, he works with the client's senior management on the organization's productivity analysis, incentive schemes, and benefits programs as part of the organization design and performance management system. He has a solid track record with clients in the retail and consumer packaged goods industries. He delivers a substantial effect on generating valuable insights to help clients make better-informed decisions related to the critical aspect of the business, such as workforce planning, cost-saving, hiring, and sales incentive-motivation program all of which help create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. He specializes in assessing data quality, cleansing data, embedding data infrastructure, generating insights from data, identifying trends and patterns, and creating a visualization of data and reporting system. 


TAS Consulting Partner      



Bachelor of Economics (Organization and Industrial Organization) Chulalongkorn University , (Second-Class Honors)


ILSC Language School New York

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