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Crafting solutions to your challenges is our passion

We customize full-range of professional services
that best fit your needs

Business and HR Management Consulting 
Help organization to clarify the issue, analyze their root causes, suggest solutions, and assist implementation aiming to create effectiveness of human capital management that enhance organizational performance and competitive edge

Example of solutions includes but not limited to

  • Business strategy formulation

  • HR Strategy & HR Transformation

  • Organizational productivity improvement

  • Organizational design

  • Purpose, Culture, Core values

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Talent assessment and Development

  • Succession management

  • Remuneration and Reward Management

  • Performance management

  • Learning & development

  • Employment branding

  • Change management

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Leadership Management, Functional skill, HR Professional Capability Uplifting

Example of solutions includes but not limited to

  • Leadership Development

  • Modern people managment skill for business leaders

  • HR & OD professional capability building

  • HR Business Partner capability building

  • HR Analytic

  • Internal consulting skill for HR

  • Functional competency development

  • Accellerated transfromational development of HIPO

  • Capability building for Change Managmentleader & Change agent

Identify, develop, and sustain critical skills and capability organization needs to continuously improve performance on individual and organizational levels through high-impact learning design based on the adult learning principle
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In-house HR&OD Professional Services

Example of solutions includes but not limited to

  • HR Management

  • Organization Development

  • Learning & Development

  • Change Management

  • Executive Sourcing & Recruitment

  • Succession Management

  • Talent Development

  • Management Advisors

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)

  • Interim Management for strategic roles e.g. Chief HR Officer, Head of Learning & Development, Head of Organization Development, Head of Change Management etc.

Provide expertise, skills, and know-how as an in-house resource on a short and mid-term basis to manage HR, OD, and change management projects during a critical period of an organization's transformation.
Coaching & Mentoring

Example of solutions includes but not limited to

  • 1-1 Executive coaching

  • Management coaching

  • HIPO / Potential successors coaching

  • Project team/Assignment based coaching

  • New Chief HR Officer coaching

  • Coaching HR team on L&D, OD, HR Strategy 

  • Coaching Change management team, Change leaders, Change agent etc.

Bring fresh perspectives that build people's confidence to face challenges in meeting organizational demands and self-fulfillment, which result in satisfaction with life & work, successful transition and appreciable improvement in performance and productivity

Our Three Guiding Principles

trustworthy dark.png


We ensure our clients’ expectation are met with our words align with our actions.  We are confident in being truthful in what we say and what we do.  

We hold ourselves accountable to high standard of conduct. We earn trust from our clients as we build last-long relationship with each of them.

agility dark.png


We are a lightweight team, organized around loose structure.  Without complexity of hierarchy, our team work fast, efficient and highly responsive to clients’ needs.  

Our team generate values to clients by providing customizable, adaptable solutions to any complex problems.

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We synthesize our experience and wisdom. 

We keep things simple, clearly laid out and easy to digest.  Most importantly, we help our clients  focus on what matters.  We use layman’s term to explain, facilitate discussion with clients to make them feel at ease and their viewpoints are heard.

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