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T = Trustworthy
A = Agility
S = Simplicity

Who we are

Being a trusted partner to business leaders is our value and source of satisfaction.  We have accumulated an estimated 25 years of experience in business and human resources management before founding TAS Consulting Partner Company Limited. 

Experience in global corporations makes us understand ourselves and our passions, and we enjoy witnessing the progress and transformation of people and businesses.   This makes us feel intensively alive!

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We aim to become a long-term partner with business leaders, help them drive shared success, and manage challenges as one with them.  In this journey, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality service by providing a partnership role, real-world practitioner experience, shared accountability of outcome, and, most importantly, ethics as a guiding standard in what we promise to deliver.


Agile approach with mindset of trust and respect

We go above and beyond when we offer solutions to clients. We stay flexible and adaptable throughout the journey with clients to ensure our deliverables meet their interests with ethical standard.  We take our clients’ privacy and confidentiality very seriously.  We cherish the long-term relationship with them.  We are responsive, accessible in providing client support during and post project.  We love watching client finally see their extraordinary business performance.


That is why we dislike treating our work as fixed and transactional.  


CEOs always ask, “Would Khun Tas execute this project himself?”.  

Our response is “yes.”  

At TAS, we ensure Khun Tas, the founder himself, dedicatedly and directly engages with all projects regardless of size.  We dislike the idea of a senior consultant building first impressions on a client during the project kicked off and handing it off to junior members to solve problems and run the entire show.  Ongoing ownership by Khun Tas in all projects encourages continuous dialogue with the clients for the highest quality of our deliverables.  As we intend to maximize our clients’ experience, clients can ask questions, express concerns and demonstrate a level of satisfaction throughout the entire project journey

Integrated solutions delivered by Khun Tas, the founder

What makes TAS different

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We embarked on our journey of management consulting by being a trusted partner with the CEOs, business leaders, focusing on global framework, comprehensive advice and real-life local implementation.



Let’s be your trusted partner

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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